Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shopping, Sewing, & Scarves

I'm very excited for summer.  The husband and I have a great vacation filled summer ahead of us (Europe, Chesapeake Bay for a family wedding/reunion, and the coast of Maine).  Unfortunatley I have no clothes for these trips so I decided to go shopping recently.  The thing is ever since I started to sew I haven't been able to shop.  The ability to make your own clothes is both a blessing and a curse.  On my recent shopping trip I decided:
1.  Clothes that I like are overpriced and I know I can make them fit better and reflect my own style at a fraction of the cost. 
2.  Clothes that are reasonably priced are poorly made or made with synthetic fibers (yes, I'm a fabric snob).
3.  I will make my entire summer wardrobe myself.
I'm not exactly sure when I think I'm going to find the time to create a new wardrobe.  Oh well, sleep is for the weak.  And I envy the weak.

So stay tuned for a few pictures of this endeavor.  Plus a new product is coming next week, maybe even this weekend which is the product that made me start Cinnamon Sangria. 

In the meantime check out this scarf.  Everytime I see scarves I think of NYC.  I love scarves and I love NYC so it's a perfect match and a happy thought.  My inlaws live in NYC and everytime I go during the winter months I'm always borrowing scarves from my mother in law.  Perhaps I'll make more for my NYC travels.  I think the flowers add a bit of feminity so the grey isn't so drab.  This one shown is flannel and oh so soft!

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