Monday, April 12, 2010

Hidden Jewelry Hangers

I actually made these a few months ago.  I love them because they are perfect little hiding spots.  Inside of these hangers is a small pocket for storing jewelry or any other small item of value to you.  I have a lot of jewelry sitting in a jewelry box drawer and even shoe boxes.  Most of it is tangled up and I can never find what I need, or I forget that I even have a perfect piece of jewelry for a certain outfit.  Now I can put the jewelry in these hangers and put the article of clothing that I plan on wearing with it on the hanger.  I always know where my jewelry is and it's not tangled up. 

Second idea:  do you have a piece of jewelry that is irreplaceable.  Perhaps your grandmother's necklace?  Where do you think theives to first when the break into homes?  Your jewelry box or shoe boxes of course.  These hangers are the perfect hiding place!

Size of hanger:
17" wide x 11.75" high (from top to bottom of hanger)
Hidden inside pocket
6.5" wide x 5" high 

These items are in limited quantities.  One they are gone, they're gone and more than likely won't be replaced.  $10 each plus $2 shipping and handling.  You can email me at: with your color choice.

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