Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shopping, Sewing, & Scarves

I'm very excited for summer.  The husband and I have a great vacation filled summer ahead of us (Europe, Chesapeake Bay for a family wedding/reunion, and the coast of Maine).  Unfortunatley I have no clothes for these trips so I decided to go shopping recently.  The thing is ever since I started to sew I haven't been able to shop.  The ability to make your own clothes is both a blessing and a curse.  On my recent shopping trip I decided:
1.  Clothes that I like are overpriced and I know I can make them fit better and reflect my own style at a fraction of the cost. 
2.  Clothes that are reasonably priced are poorly made or made with synthetic fibers (yes, I'm a fabric snob).
3.  I will make my entire summer wardrobe myself.
I'm not exactly sure when I think I'm going to find the time to create a new wardrobe.  Oh well, sleep is for the weak.  And I envy the weak.

So stay tuned for a few pictures of this endeavor.  Plus a new product is coming next week, maybe even this weekend which is the product that made me start Cinnamon Sangria. 

In the meantime check out this scarf.  Everytime I see scarves I think of NYC.  I love scarves and I love NYC so it's a perfect match and a happy thought.  My inlaws live in NYC and everytime I go during the winter months I'm always borrowing scarves from my mother in law.  Perhaps I'll make more for my NYC travels.  I think the flowers add a bit of feminity so the grey isn't so drab.  This one shown is flannel and oh so soft!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Luggage Handle Covers

I hope that everyone recovered from Tax Day. And maybe if you were lucky you even got a refund. In my youthful days when I received a tax refund I immediately planned my next vacation with that money. Yes, I know I should have been saving it but those were my youthful, carefree days and that’s beside the point. The point of this post is VACATION! Because I have to tie this together somehow don’t I?

Over the weekend I made these luggage handle covers.  I had in my head to make them since we landed from our trip to New Zealand in January. For pretty pictures to make you jealous look here.

The idea for this came to me when the husband and I sat at the luggage carousel for what seemed like forever. And after a 14-hour flight anything more than 5 minutes is forever. Our luggage was on 2 carousels. I went to one and picked up one bag and the husband waited at the other. And waited. And waited. And waited. Have you noticed that 95% of the bags are black? Even though our bags have red ribbing on them they were flipped over and he didn’t see them. We were the last people there before he decided to flip the luggage over and see that it was ours. At that point I knew I’d never fly again without some sort of luggage identifier. Now I’ve seen people tie ribbon or use duct tape but I think it should be done in style. And that is how the luggage handle cover came about. **Note this is not my invention. I wish it were but it’s not and I don’t know who to give credit to. So if you are reading this and you invented these, thank you. **

These will also work perfectly for carry on bags too. I always get a little nervous that someone will be in a rush and grab my bag before I can get to it. I like the window seat so I’m usually the last person out of my isle. With this luggage handle cover my bag is sure to not be mistakenly grabbed by anxious hands!

And lastly because flying/traveling is so stressful with all the rules, regulations and FEES (that’s another post) isn’t it nice to look at something pretty?

NOTE! This fabric (probably) won’t be a part of the regular Cinnamon Sangria line so if you like them snatch them up now. Just email me at:

$6 for 1, $11 for 2, $15 for 3 (you get the point right?). Want more? Email me for special pricing. You can purchase by either emailing me or visiting my Etsy store.   Items will be up this week.  I have a few multiples of each color available. 

Covers are machine washable, lay flat to dry.  Sizes are approximately 5.25" tall x 5.75 high (normal size variations may occur).


Cinnamon Sangria

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hidden Jewelry Hangers

I actually made these a few months ago.  I love them because they are perfect little hiding spots.  Inside of these hangers is a small pocket for storing jewelry or any other small item of value to you.  I have a lot of jewelry sitting in a jewelry box drawer and even shoe boxes.  Most of it is tangled up and I can never find what I need, or I forget that I even have a perfect piece of jewelry for a certain outfit.  Now I can put the jewelry in these hangers and put the article of clothing that I plan on wearing with it on the hanger.  I always know where my jewelry is and it's not tangled up. 

Second idea:  do you have a piece of jewelry that is irreplaceable.  Perhaps your grandmother's necklace?  Where do you think theives to first when the break into homes?  Your jewelry box or shoe boxes of course.  These hangers are the perfect hiding place!

Size of hanger:
17" wide x 11.75" high (from top to bottom of hanger)
Hidden inside pocket
6.5" wide x 5" high 

These items are in limited quantities.  One they are gone, they're gone and more than likely won't be replaced.  $10 each plus $2 shipping and handling.  You can email me at: with your color choice.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Passover & Happy Easter!

Do anything fun over the holiday weekend?  We celebrate both holidays in my household.  And this year we celebrated by spring cleaning!  Who knew curtains needed to be washed regularly?  Certainly not the husband but I educated him on that this past weekend.  We also cleaned windows, laundry, baked, and sewed.  And we are nowhere near done but I'm on a mission and we will continue this fun adventure next weekend and every weekend until I'm satisfied or have to start over again. 
For all of my hard work the Easter Bunny (I know it's the husband) did manage to make sure he left a Easter basket.  I should have taken a picture of it before I dove head first in the chocolate goodness but take my word for it, it was pretty!

I did manage to clean my sewing stash this weekend (as well as add to it with beautiful new fabrics which will be showcased in a later post).  In cleaning this stash I decided that I had just enough of this fabric to make a nursing cover.  Cute huh?  I don't have children of my own which is why you don't see an actual person or baby in the below pictures but take my word for it ok.  I've decided that most of my fabric is girly so this is one of the few that is good for boys.  There is even a pocket where the label is to put wipes or pacifiers or whatever moms need.

As mentioned previously the website is being worked on however if you are interested in purchasing this cover please feel free to contact me below in the comment section or email me at: