Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Passover & Happy Easter!

Do anything fun over the holiday weekend?  We celebrate both holidays in my household.  And this year we celebrated by spring cleaning!  Who knew curtains needed to be washed regularly?  Certainly not the husband but I educated him on that this past weekend.  We also cleaned windows, laundry, baked, and sewed.  And we are nowhere near done but I'm on a mission and we will continue this fun adventure next weekend and every weekend until I'm satisfied or have to start over again. 
For all of my hard work the Easter Bunny (I know it's the husband) did manage to make sure he left a Easter basket.  I should have taken a picture of it before I dove head first in the chocolate goodness but take my word for it, it was pretty!

I did manage to clean my sewing stash this weekend (as well as add to it with beautiful new fabrics which will be showcased in a later post).  In cleaning this stash I decided that I had just enough of this fabric to make a nursing cover.  Cute huh?  I don't have children of my own which is why you don't see an actual person or baby in the below pictures but take my word for it ok.  I've decided that most of my fabric is girly so this is one of the few that is good for boys.  There is even a pocket where the label is to put wipes or pacifiers or whatever moms need.

As mentioned previously the website is being worked on however if you are interested in purchasing this cover please feel free to contact me below in the comment section or email me at:


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