Saturday, May 18, 2013

Rosette Lampshade DIY

As I've mentioned before Lil Cinnamon's bedroom is a work in progress.  I purchased this lamp from Target months ago and always knew I wanted to add rosettes to it to add some color.  I looked high and low in every store for them and couldn't find them so I decided to make them myself.  It was so easy to do that I thought I would share it with you. 
I started off purchasing a yard of broadcloth (which was way too much, you could easily use 1/2 yard).  I cut these into 2 inch squares.  You'll need quite a few so cut away!

Take the 2" square and fold it in half.  To save time and energy I do 2 squares at a time.  If you do anymore they don't fold so nicely and become wonky.
 Then fold it in half again the other way so in essence you are making a smaller square.

Take that square and cut off the 3 points and round it out to make it look like a tear drop.

When you unfold your square you'll have what looks like a butterfly or flower.

If you doubled up the squares earlier you'll need to seperate them and work on each piece individually from here on out.  Take some thread and sew a small circle in the middle of the flower as seen below.

Then pull the thread so that it pulls the fabric up.  You've now completed one petal of your rosette!
 Then do the same thing again.  Pull the others closer to the first petal so it's easier to tighten when you are done.  Each rosette has 6 petals.  When you are finished with each petal sew them together at the bottom tip to keep them together in the long run. Once they are together it's easy to fluff up so don't fret if they look smushed or such while making them.  This is something good to do at night while you watch TV.  :)

When you are done with them all just hot glue them to your lampshade and you are done! 

And to show you what the top of her chest really looks like in real life when I'm not pretending that our house is clean for this blog.  You'll notice that all items are closely huddled together in the middle.  That's because if Lil Cinnamon can reach it she's pulling it down.  Ugh!

If you have any questions please feel free to let me know!  If you make this I'd love to see pictures!

Cinnamon Sangria

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