Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Forget little red riding hood and the big bad wolf.  This is a story of little red riding hood and her friendly fox, Freddy.  Freddy is little red riding hood's right arm, her everything.  The only time Freddy gets to come out of the house is for family pictures, when we travel, or when he is needed as part of a costume. It's a good day for Freddy. 
Anyway Lil Cinnamon is still a tad too young to understand what Halloween is.  What that means for me is that it's the last year that I have any say in her costume before she understands that she gets to be a princess.  I started thinking about her costume in August.  I originally thought we (all of the Cinnamon Sangria family) would be cowboys and cowgirls but then I found the most fabulous little red riding hood costume online and was going to purchase it but then I saw the price tag of $125 and changed my mind.  I figured I'd make it for a fraction of the cost.  I don't have specifics but I'm pretty sure this cost around $30 and took very little time to make.  I don't have a tutorial as there are so many on the web that I figured I didn't need to reinvent the wheel.

The top part is actually a corset that ties in the back.  Good idea in theory but getting a 2 year old to cooperate with sitting still was like herding kittens. 

Snack time!  All this being cute makes a girl hungry!

And next year when she wants to be a princess she can wear store bought!

Cinnamon Sangria

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Travel toothbrush holder

Those of you who know me know that dirt and germs ick me out.  Eww!  I've thrown away all of my old plastic travel toothbrush holders because no matter how much I clean them (either manually or throwing them in the dishwasher) they are still full of creepy crawly germs.  Eww!  I wish I had saved one just to take a picture for this post but I didn't.  If you really want some nightmares go ahead and google dirty travel toothbrush holders.  OMG, I'm so not sleeping tonight.  Or have you ever used plastic sandwich baggies that turn into a soggy mess?  Eww again!
Anyway back to the point of this post is that Mr. Sangria went out of town to Vegas a few weeks ago for a bachelor party.  1.  He's too old for such shenanigans and 2.  I'm jealous.  But I figured that I had been meaning to make these for forever now was as good as time as any.  The great thing about these is that once you return home from your travels you just throw them in the wash and they are as good as new.

It's not rocket science.  I just took a purchased washcloth, folded it up and sewed three pockets.  One for toothbrush, one for toothpaste, and last one for floss.  I took some ribbon that I had here at home and sewed it to the side so that it could be tied up. 

And if we are being really honest am I the only one who hides my toothbrush while in hotels?  I know that housekeeping has better things to do than mess with my toothbrush but I'm crazy enough to let my mind go a million places where it shouldn't and think of nasty scenarios.  So while traveling I always pack my toothbrush up and put it away in my suitcase. 
Am I the only one?

Cinnamon Sangria