Monday, June 28, 2010

I see London, I see France...

Mr. Sangria and I are back from a lovely trip to Europe (Oxford, London, and Paris).  We had a blast - it was a belated anniversary present to ourselves.  This was my first time to Oxford and London.  The start of our journey took us to Oxford, England.  Mr. Sangria spent a year studying abroad at Oxford University so we went back to visit.  It brought back many fond memories for him.  We even got to stay in the professors's dorms at the school.  He showed me the lay of the land and of course his favorite pubs that are still going strong.  The buildings are amazing and to think that this school has been open for hundreds of years is hard to wrap my head around. 

Then we were off to London. We did all of the touristy things one does when visiting a city for the first time (my first time, not Mr. Sangria's.  He played tour guide). 
We saw Big Ben.


Buckingham Palace - if we are being honest not nearly as beautiful as I thought it would be.  But still something fun to see.  Who knew the royals only occupy 13 rooms in this massive building?  I couldn't get to a spot where I could get a picture of the entire building but trust me, it's huge.

We also went to the British Library, the British Museum, did a Pub Tour in Chelsea, saw the Victoria & Albert Museum, had a very fun time on a bike tour of the city, and of course went shopping and had to visit Harrods.  Harrods was a blast, the food area is like none other.  However it was insanely crowded so we didn't stay long.  One of the joys of living in a big city is that I have access to all of the stuff that they sell so I didn't feel the need to go shopping for too long.

And then we were off to Paris.  Both Mr. Sangria and I have been to Paris before so this was a different trip.  We met up with Mr. Sangria's parents who were also visiting Paris.  We did almost nothing touristy which was different than our visit to London.  We mostly strolled and ate.  And boy did we eat.  I think I'm 50 pounds heavier coming back.  But it was worth every delicious morsel.

Notre Dame.  I think this was the only touristy thing we did as we went inside (the line moved fast and entry was free).

Did I mention we ate well?  Glorious cheese!

A picture of my home.  How did this end up in this batch of pictures?  Or perhaps it's the Rodin Museum.

We also went to the Yves Saint Laurent exhibition at the Petit Palais.  Beautiful work.  Unfortunately I coulnd't take pictures but they had hundreds of designs on display.  The workmanship was imbeccible.  We sat in parks, we visited with is parents and other friends, went to an antique flea market, shopped and we ate endless croissants, nutella crepes, and drank cafe au laits.  I'm a happy girl.  I hope you enjoyed my recap.  Where are you going this summer?

Cinnamon Sangria

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Explanation of MIAness

Hello friends.  I have been busy busy busy around these parts.  I do have lots of sewing related items to share shortly.  I'm in the middle of finishing up a custom order of shoe covers as bridesmaids gifts along with some make-up bags.  A great gift if I do say so myself.  I will post pictures of these shortly so stay tuned.

Although this is a week late Mr. Sangria and I ran the San Diego Rock N Roll 1/2 marathon.  We had a blast!  This was his first race and he did so well.  If we are being honest he did better than me and he kept me going when all I really wanted to do was just walk.  And it was great seeing 3 of my friends in San Diego who live there.  Hello C, C, & Y!!!   C & Y even volunteered at the start line of the marathon so it was great seeing them at 6am for a pre-run greeting.  

I have decided that San Diego is cool, the people of San Diego are cool, and felt cool for being there. 
Look at our medals.  One of these days I will clean my house and show you our medal wall. 

Unfortunately it will be a little while before I get the chance to post again.  Mr. Sangria and I are headed on a little vacation shortly and I have to get the previously mentioned shoe bags and make up bags done beforehand.  Our trip will be oh so fun and I promise you'll be very jealous.  But I promise to take a ton of pictures and share when we get back.