Monday, May 3, 2010

Shoe Covers!

This is the product that started it all.  I was at the gym in the locker room and didn't know what to do with my shoes.  I'm a bit of a germapobe and the idea of having my shoes which have walked on who knows what all day long against my clothes gave me the creeps.  I knew that I could make a shoe bag to toss my shoes in, then my clothes would be clean and I'd be happy.  So I did just that, made shoe bags.  A few ladies at my gym saw them, thought that they were a great idea, bought a few and I thought, "hmmm...." and Cinnamon Sangria was born. 

These are also perfect for traveling.  Whenever I'm packing I never know what to do with my shoes.  I don't want them on my clean clothes.  Instead of using pastic bags - which we all knows kills the earth (boo!) why not use these which are much more earth friendly.

All bags are fully lined and reversable.  There are quite a few more colors to come, these are just a few.
All are machine washable and 100% cotton.
And they are also the perfect handbag cover as well.

1 piece shoe cover approximately 15" high x 11" wide
2 piece shoe cover approximatley 15" high x 8" wide

The larger shoe cover holds two shoes or you can choose to get two to prevent shoes from scratching against one another.
1 piece shoe cover $25.00
2 piece shoe cover $35.00
Product can be purchased either by emailing me at: or at:

10% off all purchases done through email.

Don't forget Mother's Day is right around the corner!

Cinnamon Sangria

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