Sunday, May 16, 2010

Latest Projects

I am a member of the American Sewing Guild. I love it. We meet once a month and just sew and gab. Sewing can be a little lonely so it's nice to get out and mingle with others, see what they're sewing and get inspired, and meet new friends. I'm fairly new with this organization but sew far sew good. :)  The meeting is only 1 1/2 hours long so it's great for quick projects.  We also sew for charity.  The current project are drawstring bags that will be filled with toiletries and other items for our soldiers in Iraq.  I hear that the soilders take the bags and fill them with candy and trinkets and give them to the Iraqi children.  I imagine that these children who are living in war zones don't get treats too often.  What a wonderful thing!  Thank you to our soldiers!  These took me no time at all - 20 minutes each maybe.  I'll be making many more of these.  If you are a sewer please consider making these.  Contact me and I will give you the instructions and sizing specifications.  It's a great project no matter what your sewing skill is.   Disclosure - this is not my pattern and it belongs to the American Sewing Guild.

At our meeting this past week we made napkins.  It was a perfect project because napkins have been on my to-do list for almost forever.  They are so easy to make but other projects always seem to take priority.  I love to cook and have guests over at least once or twice a week.  I loathe paper napkins, cloth napkins are much more elegant and also eco friendly which we all love.  The napkins I currently have are beige and a bit stained so it was time for new napkins.  I love this fabric - it reminds me of summer which makes me happy.  I think these would make great gifts and have decided to go on a napkin making frenzy.  I'm planning on making linen napkins next with embroidered cherries.  Cute huh?  Of course I will post pictures.  And yes I know I have a few photographer friends who are reading this (waving hi to A, C, & M!) please don't judge my photography skills.  I know they are terrible, I'm working on it, just be patient.  I have a whole new level of respect for you.

Perfectly mitered corners.  Very professional and a fraction of what they would cost at department stores. 

I love them. What do you think?
Who wants to come over for dinner?

Cinnamon Sangria


  1. I love that you are making those goody bags for the troops! Amazing!

  2. Just popped by and am reading through your posts. Assuming I am the "A" you mentioned - your photography skills are fine.

    See you around (and stock your store, would you?!).