Monday, January 14, 2013

Easy paper project

Mr. Sangria and I had a lunch date last week and walked into Paper Source.  Lil Cinnamon is 16 months old and I'm embarassed to say that her room is still not completely decorated.  While walking around we decided to get some wrapping paper sheets and frame them.  We have a map of ParisNYC, and the London Underground (subway or Tube as they call it). 
We love to travel so it seemed appropriate.  Good thing is that each piece of paper was ridiciously cheap so if I want to redecorate next week, no biggie. 

In my roamings of the store I came across these paper flowers.  They were inexpensive and seemed easy enough.  A quick project to full my DIY cravings as of late. 


Would I prefer to have fresh flowers?  Yes.  Will these do for the meantime?  Yes!  And plus these won't die.  Score!  I put them in my Lenox vase that I adore and I'm happy with the look although I may go buy another kit to really fill up the vase which I think will look better.  Perhaps after Valentines day these may go in Lil Cinnamons room on her dresser.

Cinnamon Sangria

**I was not contacted by Paper Source for this blog post.  All purchases were made by me and all opinions are solely mine.**

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