Monday, November 12, 2012

OT: Being prepared

This is a completely off topic post but thought I'd share anyway.  Seeing the pictures of Hurricane Sandy on the news has been heart wrenching and has reminded me to make sure my emergency kit is ready and prepared.

I live in Southern California.  Home to many an earthquake.  In my 13 years out here I've been in a few but nothing too major, thankfully!  But I'm terrified of them.  TERRIFIED!  One would ask why I live in an earthquake zone if I'm so scared of them.  I had originally planned on moving out here for a few years to "live it up in the big city" after college but then I met my husband and his work keeps us out here so I guess I'm staying put for a while.  I've made it very clear that we are moving the day he retires but since we have a few years for that I might as well get comfortable.

I never had an earthquake kit until last year when the big earthquake/tsunami hit Japan.  Seeing all that devastation hit me like a ton of bricks.  At the time I was pregnant and I guess I realized it could have been us.  That week I ran out and stocked up on water and essentials, or so I thought. 

I was reading this blog post this morning and it got me thinking. Would I be prepared for an emergency given what I have in my home at this moment?  The answer is no. I have water, I have a flashlight, food, first aid kit, baby food, but somehow I forgot diapers and a change of cloths and shoes. And I'm sure there are a few other things I've forgotten. Which is why I'm signing up for this 8 week course. I think it will be very beneficial. If you want to sign up as well please do so.

Topics included will be:

Emergency Preparedness – “Emergency Survival Station”

  • Week #1 – STORAGE (Shelving, Backpacks, and Bins)
  • Week #2 – BASIC NEEDS (Food & Water)
  • Week #3 – MEDICAL (First Aid Kit & Medicine)
  • Week #4 – EMERGENCY BINDER & CASH (Important documents & a cash stash)
  • Week #5 – SUPPLIES
  • Week #6 – PET & HYGIENE KIT
  • Week #7 – COMFORT (Clothing, Toys, Games)

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