Monday, March 4, 2013

Quiet Book Page

A few other moms and myself decided to make Quiet Books for our children who are all very close in age.  I chose to make a mailbox and letters.  We each decided to make 13 of the same page and then swap so that each child will have a complete book.  For various reasons the project was delayed a bit and to be honest I was dreading making my page when it came time to put it together.  But once I got going it was quite fun.  I haven't gotten any other pages yet but as soon as I do I will share the finished project.  Lil Cinnamon is obsessed with books and I don't really let her play with the interactive ones (pop up ones or paper) at this point as she's still a bit little and doesn't understand to not rip them.  But these are made of felt and are sewn on.  They are pretty much destruction proof!  And if for some reason she does manage to rip something off I can easily sew it back together. 

Letters from Grandmom and Grandpop waiting to be opened.
As I was making these I couldn't help but think that our children will be a generation who sees the mail be a thing of the past.  With email/Skype/Facebook etc taking over letters are few and far between.  Lil Cinnamon's grandparents send her postcards weekly so as she gets older it will be fun to see her await the mail delivery.  Ahh, to receive something other than bills!

Cinnamon Sangria

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