Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Diaper Clutches

It's been quite a while since I've last posted. I've been busy making items however I'm not very good with bringing out the camera most days.  Today I forced myself to take advantage of this beautiful So. Cal sunshine and take pictues of items that I do have handy. 

Today I wanted to share some diaper clutches that I recently made.  Big diaper bags scare me, I don't understand them.  I suppose this comes from not having a baby - yet, just a few short months to go!  But I can't picture myself taking a huge bag with me everywhere I go.  Yes I know one need diapers, perhaps a change of clothes, snacks, etc. for longer adventures but just for running quick errands I imagine these clutches will be more my style.  Just fill them with wipes and a few diapers and run to the store.  Easy and stylish!

Items will be listed in the shop next week when I re-open it.  If you see something you like before then please contact me at:
**Items shown may differ from items listed in shop due to a few events I have in the upcoming week.**

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