Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baby Shower Gifts

A few months ago I had 14 friends who were pregnant so I’ve been busy making baby gifts. A few of these babies have joined the world and I quit keeping count of how many are still or newly pregnant. A few years ago I felt like I was going to weddings every weekend. Now it’s baby showers.

A good friend of mine is having her shower in the next few weeks and I wanted to make her something that I hope that she will find useful. A changing pad and diaper clutch for on the go. She has chosen to not find out the gender so I made this gender neutral.

The changing pad is reversible. Either chocolate or white, whatever she decides. A thin layer of batting in between the two fabrics keeps this soft for baby. The diaper and wipe clutch has no batting as I wanted to keep it light and let it fold easily when not in use. It should easily carry 2 diapers and a travel wipe holder. Or an extra onsie in case a change is needed. This is a perfect gift for those times when a busy mom (or dad) doesn’t want to lug the entire diaper bag around. The diaper and wipe holder is not reversible but I made 1 white on the outside/chocolate on the inside and 1 chocolate on the outside/white on the inside.


I also made her 5 burp cloths.  I just used leftover fabric and terry cloth that I had on hand.  I figure if you are going on have a burp cloth on your shoulder for 18 hours a day it might as well look good, right?

I had enough fabric left over that I made another set (changing pad and diaper/wipe case). This is the last of the fabric and I probably won’t be making any more (for the shop anyway) so if you like it get it while it’s still here.


Cinnamon Sangria

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    Looking forward to getting to know you better! You are very talented! I just started sewing AND running again and we are both Indie 3.0 girls and I love sangria we should totally be friends! LOL