Thursday, August 9, 2012

Necklace Holder

I love necklaces.  Well I did before Miss Cinnamon decided to grab anything and everything that I wear.  But I have quite a bit of necklaces and never know where to put them so I can clearly see them and where they won't get tangled.  Currently I have them in shoe boxes, in my jewelry box, in the box the necklace came in, in paper bags (not sure why), and also in organza bags around the hangers of some outfits they go with -the problem with that is I forget to wear the necklace with other outfits.

I saw this idea somewhere floating around the internet so I can't take credit for it but I thought it was pretty clever.

1.  Take a wooden coat hanger and some hooks.  I used Hillman 7/8" White Cup Hooks - purchased at Lowe's.

 2.  If you have a hanger without the bottom that's better but if you only have pant hangers like I do, then just take the bottom portion off. 

 3. Drill evenly spaced holes where the cup hooks will be.  Mr. Sangria did this part.  I would have done it but we don't have a clamp to hold the hanger and I was afraid of it slipping and then I'd drill my leg or something.  I told him if he slipped and had to go to the ER he would have to drive himself as I wasn't waking Lil Cinnamon to take him.  Honestly I was a bit afraid.  Sadly not in a loving way but more of a "I know he's going to slip, this is the kind of sh!t that happens to us" kind of way. 

4.  Done!  I think one day I may paint it white so it looks better but for now this will do. 
5.  Please forgive the messy closet.

6.  I'm happy to report there was no loss of blood for this project.

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