Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We're moving and random pictures

We as in the Sangria household.  With the arrival of Lil Cinnamon we have outgrown our current home.  If you are a personal friend and reading this we are only moving about 5 minutes away, not across the country as some have already asked.  And because of this move it has left very little time for creating.  Mostly just purging of things.  Right now I'm purging my kitchen of food that I want to use up and not move and I'm also using this time to just play around with my new (3 months old now) camera.  This past summer I went a little nuts buying berries and freezing them for winter use.  So I made a lemon and blueberry loaf cake courtesy of Martha Stewart.  

Umm, whoopsie?  haha.  I guess I didn't use enough flour on the bottom.  Good thing it was just for Mr. Sangria and myself.  Depite the look it tasted wonderful.  But I don't think I'll make this again anytime soon.  There were just too many steps in this recipe and lately I'm more of an instant gratification kind of girl.

I also made some brownies for a Super Bowl party that we attended.  I have some hard core NY Giants fan friends.  It's always fun going to Super Bowl parties when people are legit fans, not just "well I choose this team just because" type of fans.  They go nuts.  We have an amazing group of friends and they are pretty much split between former New Yorkers and former Boston residents.  Sadly we cannot mix these friends during Super Bowl games.  Mr. Sangria is an Eagles fan as he grew up in Philly but since the in laws live in NY now we got to attend the NY fan screening.  But back to the brownies, another thing to remove from the kitchen.  I'm not sure how the box got into my kitchen as I'm pretty crazy about not using boxed brownies.  Oh well.  With the large amounts of alchol consumed no one noticed.  Who am I kidding, no one cared.

Have you heard about Pinterst?  Of course you have.  Well I stumbled across this pin and decided to take on this challenge.  I'm not going to bore you with every picture this month but just because I think it's fun here are a few.

10am (as well as 8am and usually 3pm)

Dinner - pepperchini tortellini salad.

Cinnamon Sangria

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