Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hard Shell or Soft Shell?

Lobsters, which do you prefer?  Hard Shell or Soft Shell?  I don't really care but in Maine locals definately have their preference.  I prefer whichever is quickest and easiest for Mr. Sangria to serve.  I have a "thing" about having my hands dirty.  I just cannot stand it.  So I'm not one to put on a lobster bib and crack open a lobster.  I'll either order it "lazy man" style or just have Mr. Sangria do it for me.  His parents secretly roll their eyes.  And during our recent trip in August I found out my sister in law actually worked on a lobster boat in college to help pay for her education. So she is also quite the pro at cracking open lobsters and can do it quite skillfully.

While in Maine we had lobster ever day.  Delish!  Did you know that in the 1930's (don't quote me on the exact decade) prisoners of Maine actually held a revolt/protest against the government stating that they were fed too much lobster and it was unfair. Back then lobster wasn't as fancy schmany as it is today.  Can you imagine?  haha, oh how times have changed.

So in Maine I found the most precious fabric store and came upon this lobster print.  I knew instantly that I would make napkins for my mother in law for the holidays.  I even bought enough to make myself some.  Happy early holidays to me!

Yes, you read correctly, I wrote holidays!  They will be here before you know it.  Extra bonus points for me for getting at least 1 gift out of the way already.  Now if I can just keep this momentum going I'll have all of my holiday presents done in no time!
What are you making for others this holiday season?

Cinnamon Sangria

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