Sunday, June 13, 2010

Explanation of MIAness

Hello friends.  I have been busy busy busy around these parts.  I do have lots of sewing related items to share shortly.  I'm in the middle of finishing up a custom order of shoe covers as bridesmaids gifts along with some make-up bags.  A great gift if I do say so myself.  I will post pictures of these shortly so stay tuned.

Although this is a week late Mr. Sangria and I ran the San Diego Rock N Roll 1/2 marathon.  We had a blast!  This was his first race and he did so well.  If we are being honest he did better than me and he kept me going when all I really wanted to do was just walk.  And it was great seeing 3 of my friends in San Diego who live there.  Hello C, C, & Y!!!   C & Y even volunteered at the start line of the marathon so it was great seeing them at 6am for a pre-run greeting.  

I have decided that San Diego is cool, the people of San Diego are cool, and felt cool for being there. 
Look at our medals.  One of these days I will clean my house and show you our medal wall. 

Unfortunately it will be a little while before I get the chance to post again.  Mr. Sangria and I are headed on a little vacation shortly and I have to get the previously mentioned shoe bags and make up bags done beforehand.  Our trip will be oh so fun and I promise you'll be very jealous.  But I promise to take a ton of pictures and share when we get back.

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